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XAffinity 3.5 Features

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XAffinitywas designed to provide the utmost flexibility and power in association and sequence pattern analysis. Whether retail or e-tail, XAffinity can help find affinities that will markedly increase your bottom line.

Database Integration
  • DBMS Embedded Mining.
    • Mining is done directly from tables or views in your database
    • Mining results are placed directly in your database

Distinguishing Features of XAffinity

XAffinity was designed to provide exceptional flexibility for association and sequence pattern detection and analysis. Both Associations and Sequencing support:

  • Visualizer and interactive rule exploration. XAffinity's visualizer supports interactive browsing of a set of rules. Rules can be visually explored in multiple dimensions along partitions, measures and items. Zooming in and out with a click of a mouse makes it easy to drill down to useful and interesting rules.

  • Selective rule generation. Rules can be selectively generated for specific items on either or both the right hand side and/or the left hand side.

  • Strength measures. Each rule includes four strength measures Expected Confidence, Confidence, Lift and Support which can be used to assess rule value, select rule subsets and/or sort the rules.

Standalone and ActiveX DLL Available
XAffinity is available as a standalone program for interactive use by marketers and business analysts and as an ActiveX DLL that can be embedded in your application programs. All of the mining features of the stand-alone product - and more - are available through the DLL, allowing complete integration of XAffinity's data mining capabilities into software that meets your unique requirements.

Click here to register on-line for a free 30-day trial. The trial version is limited to tables with 100,000 rows or less, but otherwise is full-featured and supports the following RDBMS: Microsoft SQL Server (6.5 or later), IBM DB2, Oracle 8i/9i, Microsoft Access, Red Brick, or WhiteCross.

For more information about availability in your environment, contact us at (215) 643-3110 or by e-mail.

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