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Exclusive Ore® Announces XAffinity® for Anticipatory Maintenance

“Knowing what to replace before it breaks”


Blue Bell, PA3/21/03


Exclusive Ore today announced the upcoming release of XAffinity® for Anticipatory Maintenance, XAAM (pronounced “exam”), an end-to-end software solution for maintenance organizations. XAffinity® for Anticipatory Maintenance is scheduled for release in summer 2003.


Based on XAffinity®, Exclusive Ore’s database enabled software for identifying affinities or patterns in data, XAAM is ideal for companies that maintain transportation equipment or equipment in chemical refining and processing plants, enabling them to reduce the costs associated with unanticipated downtime.


“The cost of unplanned down-time for an airplane or a chemical plant can be astronomical,” said Dr. Rob Gerritsen, President of Exclusive Ore. “The potential savings from Anticipatory Maintenance provides organizations an opportunity to significantly reduce such costs for a relatively small expenditure. For example,” Dr. Gerritsen continued, “XAAM might discover that a particular pump fails with a probability of 40% during the six months after a specific valve has failed. If it costs $10,000 to replace the pump, and if the cost of the down-time to replace the pump when it fails is $60,000, then this company can save an expected $18,000 by replacing the pump at the same time that the valve is being replaced.”


By analyzing historical repair records, XAAM is able to find pairs or larger clusters of repairs that appear to be related, principally because their likelihood of occurring within a short time of each other is larger than would otherwise be expected. XAAM uses this information to generate repair rules.


When equipment is being repaired, these rules are used to identify other repairs that should be considered because of future likelihood of failure. When costs are available the selection can be based on minimizing overall costs of repair and downtime.


Anticipatory Maintenance reduces the probability of unexpected equipment breakdowns, making XAAM especially valuable for large or complicated equipment, such as airplanes and oil refineries, where the cost of unanticipated downtime is quite large.


Because XAAM identifies failure “surprises” it can also help to discover repair procedures that may inadvertently be contributing to future breakdowns. Dr. Gerritsen indicated that “XAAM compares the independent probability of failure to the conditional probability. Continuing the previous example, if the independent probability of pump failure is only 2%, but if that probability climbs to 40% for the six months after a valve failure, then the probability of failure has increased by a factor of 80. This can be called the ‘surprise’ factor. XAAM can sort conditional failures by this surprise factor drawing attention to the most surprising related failures. In the case of the valve-pump repair this might lead to the discovery that the valve repair is frequently causing contamination leading to subsequent pump failure.”


The deployment software that is included with XAAM allows user-friendly shop-floor access to rules through a web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Because they have easy access to rules prioritized by expected probability or cost reduction, it makes it easy for repair/maintenance managers to make on-the-spot decisions to reduce overall maintenance and down-time costs.


The XAAM package includes 5 analysis software licenses, unlimited deployment licenses and up to five days of on-site consulting to ensure proper installation, conversion of data files and design and execution of a deployment plan.


XAAM will make its debut with live demonstrations at the Aviation Services and Suppliers Supershow (AS3) in Las Vegas on May 13-15, 2003. It will also be demonstrated at the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association (NPRA) Maintenance Conference and Exhibition in Salt Lake City on May 20-23.


For additional information about XAffinity® for Anticipatory Maintenance, please contact Bud Pacotti, Vice President of Sales at (303) 798-6644.


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