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Market Basket Analysis Provides Added Capability To KnowledgeSTUDIO® Users

Toronto, Canada and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, USA — April 30, 2002

ANGOSS Software (CDNX: ANC), the industry leading developer of advanced data mining software solutions and Exclusive Ore Inc., announced today a licensing agreement making Exclusive Ore's XAffinity® data mining tool available to users of ANGOSS KnowledgeSTUDIO®.

XAffinity is a database enabled market basket analysis tool with applications in retail, e-commerce and logistics. XAffinity provides exceptional flexibility for association and sequence pattern detection and analysis, including innovative extensions to classic associations and sequencing. Key among these are automatic partitioning to allow for easy generation of rules across segments such as day of week or customer type and the rule discriminator which assists in identifying the rules that vary the most, by lift, confidence or support, across the partitioning variable. XAffinity's unique sequencing capabilities permit users to find correlations between events within specific time intervals, allowing time-sensitive analysis in retail and e-commerce, and enabling its use in preventative maintenance planning for locomotive and other large-scale equipment by finding time-lagged associations between events and repairs. Under the licensing agreement, ANGOSS will initially resell XAffinity to ANGOSS clients as an add-on module to KnowledgeSTUDIO. The agreement also provides for joint support of clients using the solution and provides the basis for planned additional integration with future releases of the ANGOSS product.

“We are very pleased that ANGOSS has chosen Exclusive Ore's XAffinity to expand the suite of data mining algorithms that are available to their users,” said Rob Gerritsen, Exclusive Ore President. “ANGOSS database-centric orientation to data mining exactly matches our own. This should make it easy for KnowledgeSTUDIO users to avail themselves of the additional power provided by XAffinity.”

“We look forward to deliver this additional capability to our clients” commented ANGOSS President Eric Apps. “Exclusive Ore has extensive expertise in the data mining arena and we look forward to working with them to bring this offering to our users. The KnowledgeSTUDIO platform makes integration with complementary data mining solutions algorithms seamless and cost-effective, and will enable ANGOSS and complementary vendors such as XAffinity to expand the value being delivered to our clients.”

About ANGOSS Software

ANGOSS Software Corporation, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, develops industry leading data mining solutions for clients and technology partners. Global 2500 leaders across financial services, telecom and media, retail, pharmaceuticals and health care, and manufacturing sectors use ANGOSS data mining solutions to “Make Better Business Decisions. Every Day.”™ For more information, visit the ANGOSS website at http://www.angoss.com/.

About Exclusive Ore Inc.

Exclusive Ore Inc., headquartered in Blue Bell, PA was founded in 1997 as a consulting and software services company whose sole emphasis was the delivery of quality data mining solutions. Since that time, Exclusive Ore has successfully implemented solutions in a wide variety of industries including Telco, Retail, Finance, and Consumer Packaged Goods. For more information visit the Exclusive Ore website at http://www.exclusiveore.com/.

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