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Exclusive Ore Announces XAffinity® 4.0

Version 4.0 includes XAStatistics, a data tabulator and cross-tabulator with dynamic visual data exploration capabilities. XAffinity® 4.0 is scheduled to be released in March 2005.

Exclusive Ore Announces XAffinity® for Anticipatory Maintenance

Exclusive Ore today announced the upcoming release of XAffinity® for Anticipatory Maintenance, XAAM (pronounced “exam”), an end-to-end software solution for maintenance organizations. XAffinity® for Anticipatory Maintenance is scheduled for release in summer 2003.

Exclusive Ore Releases XAffinity® 3.5

With Version 3.5, XAffinity broadens the database platforms supported and expands reporting and rule exploration options. Key new features include DB2 support and rule export to Excel.

Exclusive Ore Appoints Pacotti as Vice President of Sales

Exclusive Ore today announced that James E. "Bud" Pacotti has joined the company as Vice President of Sales. In his new capacity, Bud will focus on the marketing and sale of Exclusive Ore’s software product, XAffinity®, database enabled data mining for analysis of market basket, equipment maintenance, and click stream data.

Exclusive Ore Releases XAffinity® 3.0

New features of XAffinity® 3.0 facilitate exploration of rules and expand the types of problems that can be addressed and the data formats that can be analyzed.


Market Basket Analysis Provides Added Capability To KnowledgeSTUDIO® Users.

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