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Data Mining 101

An Introduction to Data Mining

Exclusive Ore has developed extensive educational material, including examples and hands-on demonstrations, that have been used by our personnel to deliver courses ranging in length from a 1 hour introduction to data mining, to a 2 day long seminar for data analysts. The description and outline given below is for a 1-2 day seminar. These courses are available for delivery to your staff at your site. Please call us at (215) 643-3110 or send us an e-mail for pricing and availability.

Course Description

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Data mining can help add real dollars to your bottom line by extracting strategic and tactical information from your data warehouse. Successful applications of this emerging technology include marketing, fraud detection, and predicting medical effectiveness. This course gives you a foundation for data mining, including hands-on demonstrations of products and techniques, and will address:

Although Data Mining is a relatively new technology, it is already being used to understand customer behavior, predict buying patterns, eliminate inappropriate surgical procedures, and detect fraud. It has helped organizations to provide more meaningful service to customers, increase revenue, reduce expenses and save lives.

Data Mining is a process that analyzes data to generate descriptive and/or predictive models that can be used to understand (or reveal) relationships in the data or to predict future outcomes. For example, provide a data mining tool with a database of prospects who were previously solicited (through direct mail, or in a telephone campaign) that has been updated with the results of that campaign (e.g., who responded and who didn't). Next, ask the data mining tool to find a model for responders and non-responders. Then, interpret the model to gain better understanding of buyers and non-buyers. Finally, after testing to validate the model, use the model to score data representing a new set of prospects so that you can eliminate the ones least likely to respond, or begin by soliciting the ones most likely to respond.

Course Benefits

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In this course you will learn: what data mining is; how it has been used and the types of problems for which it can be used; how to avoid (or get out of) traps for the unwary; the various technologies that are available and when each one is appropriate; and a summary review of products that are currently available.

This course is appropriate for those who want to know if they can use data mining, to those who are in the process of selecting a data mining tool, and for analysts who want to use data mining.

Course Outline

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